For many, the symptoms of chronic pain and long-term health conditions may be related to the body’s buildup of toxins. At Wdowin NMD Integrative Medical Center, Dr. Wdowin and his team are trained in the use of chelation intravenous therapy to detoxify your body, improving your overall health and wellbeing.

What is chelation therapy?
Chelation therapy is used to help remove toxins and heavy metals from within the body through the urinary system. Chelation loosely translates to a binding process, in chelation therapy, certain agents bind to toxins to help the body detoxify. Common chelating agents include DMSA, DMPS, CaEDTA, mgEDTA, NaEDTA.

Chelation agents are unique, and each prefers to attach or bind to certain types of metals and toxins. Once the agents bind with their desired toxin or metal, they carry it through the urinary system successfully eliminating the toxin from the body.

During this process, the body may lose certain essential nutrients and minerals such as iron or zinc. However, Dr. Wdowin and his team recommend chelation therapy in combination with mineral and vitamin supplements to prevent any imbalances.

Chelation therapy is most effective when received intravenously. A typical treatment involves a series of 10 to 20 infusions over a period of 10 to 40 weeks. However, each treatment plan will vary depending on the patient’s condition.

How do toxins and heavy metals affect my body?
Research states that the majority of the population carries and collects a significant amount of damaging toxins in our bodies throughout our life.

These stored toxins and heavy metals impact your tissues and organs by:
● Alters hormone productions and receptors
● Disrupting natural enzymes
● Exacerbates chronic diseases and conditions
● Increasing systemic inflammation
● improve
● Prevents the natural detoxification process of the body

What conditions can chelation therapy improve?
Chelation therapy helps to resolve chemical imbalances within the body allowing your body to effectively heal itself and manage symptoms of chronic and acute conditions better. Conditions include:
● Autoimmune diseases
● Developmental diseases
● Mercury or lead poisoning
● Metabolic diseases
● Musculoskeletal diseases
● Neurodegenerative diseases
● Renal diseases
● Vascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases have also shown significant improvement from chelation therapy, especially when received in combination with conventional medicine.

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