Though age comes to all of us, that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to look and feel older. At Wdowin NMD Integrative Medical Center, Dr. Wdowin and his staff offer several treatment options to help reverse the effects and signs of aging in men and women.

How does age affect the body?
As we age, our cells become less capable of producing healthy new cells and tissues. This may cause tissues within the body to wear down and have a significant impact on our bodies.

Certain changes associated with age may include:
● Decreased collagen production
● Decreases in hormone production
● Diminished vitamin, nutrient, and mineral absorption
● Fine lines and wrinkles
● Hormonal imbalance
● Lower metabolism
● Muscle weakness
● Slowed healing
● Slowed mental processes and memory
● Suppressed immune system
● Weakened bones, muscles, and joints

A lifestyle with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet can help you to maintain good health overall. We also recommend receiving nutritional support as you get older to prevent any imbalances and deficiencies. These, in addition to benefiting from anti-aging therapies, can help slow down and improve the signs and symptoms of aging.

What anti-aging therapies do we provide?

We understand each patient’s goals and needs will vary, however, we offer a wide range of services to reduce the negative effects of aging.

Our anti-aging therapies include:
● Chelation and other detox therapies
● Dermalinfusion for skin rejuvenation
● Exercise programs
● Hormone optimization
● Hormone replacement therapy
● IV nutrition infusions
● Nutritional guidance
● Nutritional injects, including B12 shots
● Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
● PRP facials and facelifts
● Cell injection

Many of these services can be used in combination with other treatment options in order to achieve a healthier and younger-looking appearance while also rejuvenating cells and tissues within your body to help you feel better overall.

For more information on our anti-aging therapies or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at (949) 205-7176.